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I have been a member of BBS the entire time, and I made my investment back a long time ago. However, for Black Friday I made the small investment of $50. I expected to make that back no problem. Not only did I make my $50 back, I made almost $700 from that scope!!! Investment paid off!

Nikki Jackson-Sagirius owner of Divine Luxury ATX

Black Biz Scope not only helps to grow your business sales and audience, but they also help with educating the business owner. While the exposure to their buying audience is AMAZING, Adeea, Christine, and Pam also provide important business tools through conference calls, group challenges and assignments, and more. The icing on the cake is the encouragement and guidance that come along with tips, tricks, and tools! I'm prod to say I've been a member since the beginning and have definitely benefited personally and business wise from participating.

Necia Boston owner of B.A.A.B.S Beauty

BlackBizScope is a community that offers business leadership, support, education... while providing the confidence you need to use video social media to grow your business and warm leads. Guaranteed leads is the greatest and most effective opportunity to closed a sale. Adeea, Christine and Pam provide just that and them some. Can't thank the BlackBizScope founders enough for the confidence, support they have provided me over the last 12-months, equality I thank the community of BlackBizScope followers that join and share the scopes, week after week, for shopping and proving encouragement during scope even when we are scoping afraid. Thank you!

Nidelka Mayers

Black Biz Scope is the ultimate referrer of business in our community. This tightly knit community of women have inspired me to elevate my game and taught me how to do it much smarter. I went from 'hustling' to 'building my brand'. The business advice has been pure gold. Now as far as sales, GIRL! I had a meeting with my accountant today and she delivered the good news of generating 6 figures in 2016 in my first year being full time. BBS is a KEY reason for increasing my online game. So many customers heard about Sassy Jones Boutique through BBS. There is nothing in the world like these 3 ladies.

Charis Jones owner of Sassy Jones Boutique

Black Biz Scope is EVERYTHING! Pam introduced me to Periscope earlier this year and although I wasn't familiar with it I listened to her and jumped on board immediately. When I joined black biz scope I didn't know what to expect, except I KNEW that if Pam and Adeea anything to do with it that not only was it going to be GREAT but I also NEEDED to invest in it. I not only got everything that they promised but WAYYYYYYY more. My business on Black Friday ALONE helped me earn over $3,000 and am I STILL acquiring clients that say "I heard about you from Black Biz Scope."

Keenya Kelly Griffin owner of If You Brand It

There are so many words that can use to describe BlackBiz Scope. Like Growth, Family, Dedication, Insightful, Impactful, and more. Being a member of this great community has helped me in many ways. I have been able to reach people that I am sure it would have taken forever to reach, and I have also been able to connect with some AMAZING businesses as well. Growth has happened in so many areas of my business, to include financial. 😀 I made my membership investment back in a 15 min slot with a service offering of mine. That would not have happened alone, without this community and its support. I continue to look forward to all the great information that this magnificent Trio will continue to bring.

Shameer Young owner of Be Positive Health & Wellness


Building a Community of Black Owned Businesses Live Broadcast At A Time 

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